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Whoever said you can’t judge a book by its cover obviously never visited BetOnline. Its glitzy layout and snazzy graphics practically scream “high roller.” When you visit BetOnline, you know you’re gonna get lots of action, fun, and excitement. Do you like sportsbooks? BetOnline has it all: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, boxing, martial arts…all the most popular sports are right there at your fingertips, just waiting to be bet on. Is Poker your thing? BetOnline has some great bonuses and promotions for your pleasure. If you like casinos, BetOnline has all your favorite table games: blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, etc. This BetOnline review will outline some of the great features of this out-of-this-world legal betting site.

Everybody who visits BetOnline will be blown away by how great the sportsbook is. The odds and wager types are varied. They include straights, totals, parlays, money lines, totals, teasers, pleasers, and futures. The poker rooms are always full of money-hungry bettors playing all kinds of different games. The sportsbooks and poker rooms feature all kinds of amazing bonuses and special features just waiting to be cashed in. In this review, we will go into further detail about the legality of BetOnline, as well as who can join, and why BetOnline is the greatest legal betting site of them all. All of the major payout and deposit methods will be covered, as well as bonuses and promotions. Ok, enough introduction. It’s time to rock and roll.

Is BetOnline A Legal Betting Site For US Players?

Yes, you don’t get much more legal than BetOnline. There are some major laws that apply to sports betting which we will get into in just a bit. The bottom line is that since BetOnline is based outside of the continental United States, US law does not apply. Don’t let this discourage you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using an offshore site. There is no law stipulating that you can’t use one of these sites. US betting laws were for the most part created in order to cut down on mob-related crime. Here is some basic information about three important laws, starting chronologically.

Wire Act - In 1961, wagering schemes were being set up and controlled by underground bookmakers and organized crime syndicates. Because of this corruption, Congress passed the Wire Act, which made it a criminal offense to transmit by way of a wire communications facility any betting-related information or funds across states lines. The effects of the Wire Act are still being felt today, even though the Wire Act has been amended several times. In fact, lawmakers are currently attempting to rewrite the Wire Act so it more closely resembles its original 1961 incarnatation. This rollback attempt is known as the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, commonly known as RAWA. Some critics claim that RAWA is an unconstitutional attempt to trample all over state authority. At this time, RAWA is unlikely to be signed into law.

PASPA - By 1992, sports betting was becoming a major dilemma. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was an attempt to cut down on this perceived corruption. It is the main reason why the only states to allow sports betting are Nevada and Delaware. These two state were allowed the privilege of creating their own laws governing sports betting because they allowed sports betting before PASPA was enacted. Some critics point to the inherent unconstitutionality of PASPA and are even trying to challenge the law in court. New Jersey is one such state.

UIGEA - By 2006, the internet had given rise to a new way to bet. Online legal betting sites were becoming a huge deal. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was an attempt to shut these sites down by placing harsh restrictions on the ways in which they can transfer money to and from accounts. There is much controversy surrounding the law because it was affixed to an unrelated bill, the Safe Port Act, without being read by anyone in Congress.

Can All US Bettors Join BetOnline?

Yes, BetOnline accepts players from all 50 states. The only caveat is that you must be at least 18 years old to join this legal betting site. In many states, the age limit is actually higher. For example, there a bunch of states that set the age limit at 21. There is one state that sets the legal betting age at 19, and a handful of states that do not have any betting age laws at all, in which case you have to defer to BetOnline’s posted age limit of 18. There are even a few states that set the age “somewhere between 18 and 21.” Your best bet is to check your local laws so you know exactly where you stand.

What Makes BetOnline The Best Legal Betting Site?

BetOnline has a great all-around combination of features that make your overall betting experience the best possible. You can always trust the safety, security, and legality of BetOnline. Some of the most widely watched television networks in the world have touted it. The list of deposit and payout methods you’ll find at BetOnline will make your transactions as easy as 123. The bonuses and promotions will leave you breathless. You can bet on so many different sports, play poker with real pros and amateurs alike, and enjoy an enormous amount of great casino games. BetOnline has a little something for everyone.

What Are The Deposits Options At BetOnline?

One of the most important parts of online legal betting is being able to make a payment or refill your account. You have to add money to your account in order to start making or placing bets. Making deposits to your BetOnline account is very safe, fast, and simple. BetOnline makes sure that all of your personal information stays that way, by using encryption and firewall technology. To add funds to your membership account you can use a credit card, including credit providers like Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover. Credit card transactions are the most used choice for reloading accounts among Bettors. There are also other ways to refill your account like wire transfers, money orders, checks, and even bitcoin.

With each payment type there are different fees, how fast the money can be applied, and what limits are required such as maximum and minimum amounts that can be deposited. Credit cards replenish an account in a matter of seconds, they have a minimum funding amount of $50 and a maximum amount depending on credit providers, between $1000 to $3500. Credit cards also charge a very small fee of 6.5% with each transaction. For the wide range of the different payment options there are separate fees, minimums/maximums, etc. Be sure to locate these options listed on the cashier’s page at BetOnline

What Are The Best Payout Methods At BetOnline?

Let’s get down to business, most people that like to use legal betting sites want to know how they get their money. BetOnline has assembled a huge list of withdrawal preferences to choose from. Credit card transfers of earnings to bettors are prohibited, sighting the UIGEA or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This act, which is discussed more in-depth in the legal section of this BetOnline legal betting review, but it only, regulates credit cards so other payment preferences are still perfectly legal. You can request a withdrawal in the form of a check, cash wire transfer, bank wire, or bitcoin. Typically, most bettors like to use the check, or wire transfer option. All forms of payouts, just like with payments, have their own separate fees, limits to how much and how little you can take out, and how long it will take for you to receive your money. Check out the Cashier’s page on BetOnline for more details on payouts.

Deposit Bonuses and Promotions Offered At BetOnline

If these extraordinary bonuses and money saving promotions that I list for BetOnline don’t get your blood pumping, nothing will. BetOnline accommodates both its new players and its loyal customers with many bonuses and special offers. The two I would like to go over is the 50% welcome bonus that is for all new members. This bonus is specifically used to help max out your first deposit when you sign up, and if you qualify, can be as high as $1000. Once your first deposit is made of a minimum of $50 you will see your bonus accredited to your account within seconds, and all you have to do is put in the promo code that is easy found on the promotions page on the BetOnline website. The second bonus I would like to share a little about with you is the 50% reload bonus that is offered to all of BetOnline’s faithful players. This reward is optional for all players and you only have to make a minimum deposit of $50 to qualify for this reward. The maximum you can deposit is $1000, and to take advantage be sure to enter in the promo code on the BetOnline promotion page, these code change from time to time. BetOnline also has promotions and bonuses for live betting, mobile betting, sportsbook, horses, casino, and poker.

Legal Sports Betting Bonuses At BetOnline

BetOnline has unrivalled features like its mobile betting app, that requires no download to use and provides bettors with unlimited access. Or maybe the live in- game betting option is more your style, this is where you can access live odds on games that are live; enabling you to beyt on the outcome of a game already started or if the next play will be a run or a pass. Bonuses are also available for sportsbooks like the live betting $25 free play, the mobile betting $50 free play, and various seasonal bonuses that are only available for a limited time. Check the sportsbook promotions and bonuses page often for updates and promo codes.

Legal Poker Deposit Bonuses At BetOnline

It’s just a big, never-ending party in the poker lounge, so pull up a chair and grab a piece of felt. Whether you are a novice or a stoned faced poker pro, BetOnline has what you are looking for. Play at real tables with real money and accumulate POP points, which you can use to buy into select tournaments. Face-off in the multi-table tournaments and get your name at the top of the leaderboards. There are tons of obtainable bonuses and promos for poker players. The party promotion, which is a celebration of the sites birthday, is offering bigger tournaments and practically giving money away. The 200% sign up bonus is the most popular one used. All you have to do to qualify is make at least a $50 deposit to your account when you first sign up to BetOnline, email and put in the headline pokernew to claim your 200% bonus.

Casino Games Offered At BetOnline

When I get on BetOnline, I like to hit up the casino and play some table games, like blackjack, craps, and roulette. When I’m feeling really froggy I will play slots and rake in the prizes. Monkey money, ghouls gold, and invaders are my absolute favorite slots to play, and I win all the time. I used the 100% slots match bonus, which increases my account 100% every time I put $100 into my account. How could it get any better than that? Oh yeah BetOnline offers live dealer games which have real humans dealing cards through a webcam and not a randon number generator spitting out cards!

Join BetOnline Now!

I loved doing this BetOnline review because I think it’s worth talking about a company that takes care of its players. BetOnline makes sure all your betting is completely legal, and your personal information is secure. They take pride in making a trustworthy and tastefully put together site that its competitors just flat out hate. You can almost visualize the stank-face that other betting sites make when they look at BetOnline. There’s no wonder why, with is easy deposit/payout system, mountainous bonus and promotion section, super-fun casino games, professional poker tables, mobile and live in-game betting, and effortless sign up, that BetOnline is taking the gold!

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