Legal NHL Hockey Betting

Lord Stanley's Cup is the ultimate prize in the NHL, but for those who like to bet on the sport it's all about winning big money. But what are the legal NHL betting options when it comes to trying to win the big money? Well that is exactly what we are going to talk about, because this page wants to open up the information available to wagering on the NHL online and what bettors are actually able to do.

To do this, the question about NHL betting being legal or not is asked and answered. If you scroll down further, you might get the spoiler alert because our other sections carry over from what is discussed here in the beginning. Let's get right into it.

Is It Legal To Wager On NHL Hockey Games?

We can tell you that legal betting on the NHL can definitely be done in a couple of different settings. Not only could a bettor walk into a licensed sportsbook and bet on the NHL, but the option to open their Internet browser and select a legal NHL betting site is available to them as well. The latter of the two is our recommended option, only because in the United States just two states allow sports betting (Nevada and Delaware).

Legal Websites For Betting On The NHL

The first step to take when you want to bet on the NHL is to visit a legal sports betting site that allows it to be done. There are a number of different ones out there, but the best NHL betting site that we've found where legal wagering is permitted has to be the betting site we mention just below. It's high quality and very popular because of all the features and services provided.

Bovada Sportsbook
Strong Canadian Heritage Means This Betting Site Takes Hockey Very Seriously!!!

Go ahead and search for many sportsbook options. In fact we encourage that to take place. But you will just end up returning back to Bovada, the site that we found to be the very best for all things NHL wagering. Legal? Yes! Able to bet real money? Absolutely!

NHL betting odds come by the buckets at Bovada during the season, with daily matchup information plus betting lines available to all users. Bovada ranks as the best sports betting site that is legal for American players for a reason. Join now and see what the talk is about.

Best Legal NHL Betting Sites
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There's More To Betting NHL Online Than Making Picks - Learn More

Things like how to bet money at a sports betting site and how payouts are received are important parts of a sportsbook. We want to take a little bit of time to talk about how you might get started when you choose a legal betting site where you are considering placing wagers on NHL Hockey games.

How To Get Started... Signing Up For An Account + Adding Funds To Bet

Whether you are a new bettor or one with experience, you can benefit from a few founding principles that accompany any online sports betting process.

Sign Up - The first stage is the sign up. Simple, straightforward and easy to manage, the signup entails only basic information that you've filled out on any form throughout your life. Among the details included include personal information such as your date of birth, address, and email. Your email will likely be used as your login for the sportsbook.

Deposit - To make your bet, there needs to be funds in your account. How to do that will hinge on the sports betting site. Choose the method you want, and pay attention to the parameters of such methods. Information for a specific site and the deposits offered is information that can be found only on that sportsbook.

When The NHL Is Off The Ice, Consider Betting On These Sports Instead

The NHL is one of the biggest professional leagues in the United States, but there are many more sports where betting lines are available. Other arenas where ice is not a critical part of the game, such as a hard floor for basketball, or grass for football, baseball and many more garner plenty of interest. As such, visit our pages for legal sports betting that we have, like this one for the NHL.

Legal Betting Sites
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Best Legal Betting Sites