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There really isn't a sport that gets as much attention for betting than football in the U.S., and between college and the NFL, it's the pros that reigns supreme in popularity on the whole. As a result of that, you can see evidence in the amount of dollars that are wagered on the NFL in comparison to support this claim. But how much of that is legally wagered? And furthermore, is betting on the NFL legal?

These questions are important to address and answer to help you bettors out there interested in making legal NFL bets your legal options to do so. Find the answers to 'is NFL betting legal', as well as places that specialize in legal NFL betting online.

Is It Legal To Bet On The NFL?

Yes it's legal to bet on the NFL from two perspectives. But within these two perspectives there are specific parameters that need to be followed. First, with land-based sportsbooks, meaning the sportsbook that you or I could walk into from off the street, are limited to Nevada and Delaware. Here, legal betting on NFL games can take place with the Nevada based sportsbooks being able to take on many more bets of different kinds.

Then there are legal options for betting NFL games online which are available on a much grander scale. Sites where it is legal however will be offshore sportsbooks. This means they are not an entity in the U.S., but rather a legally run operation outside of the United States. Bettors can sign up and bet real money legally at these sites.

Legal NFL Betting Sites

Check out two of the best, legal NFL betting sites below - both have fantastic sections that cover all of the odds that you would expect. Furthermore, the ability to bet actual money on site is legal and easily accomplished as long as you are prepared going in. These reviews below are designed to do just that... get you ready to bet!

Bovada Sportsbook
Legally Bet On Pre-Season, Regular-Season, Post-Season + Super Bowl Wagers

You won't find a more comprehensive and user-friendly betting section then you will when you check out Bovada Sportsbook. This betting site specializes in all things concerning NFL betting odds, and formulates as many bets as you will find anywhere. Bovada is legal to play, and deposits can be made through a variety of outlets to fund an account.

Bets on games, props, the Super Bowl, and more are available. Live betting is a great tool that account holders can try out as well. Live NFL wagering brings in even more betting lines to account holders that put bettors in an instant-action scenario. If you join Bovada, you will have to do yourself a service and try out live betting.

BetOnline Sportsbook
Early NFL Betting Lines Available On Monday Mornings

If there is one thing that you can count on BetOnline for: 1) having NFL game odds up prior to any other sportsbook 2) being one of the best sportsbooks where Americans in all 50 states can legally bet on the NFL. They are the first to get odds up each week, giving their players plenty of time to see the line and do their research on which side they are leaning. It's not just the point spread that is up right away either; the moneyline comes along with it. This is important because many sportsbooks won't have the moneyline out until right before the day of the game, sometimes just hours before. BetOnline wants their players to have all possible opportunities to make the wagers they've been contemplating with confidence... not having to rush to get the bet in.

Game lines are but a small section of all that composes BetOnline's sportsbook. Real money wagering is legal at BetOnline, with the sportsbook based out of Panama and welcoming all players, including those in the United States.

Best Legal NFL Betting Sites
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More About Betting On The NFL

We've discussed that betting on the NFL is legal, and a few of the best places to wager, but there is more to it than that. In the reviews above there were things mentioned about what bettors could expect to find in the NFL sections. Betting odds are very important, but it's only part of the story of a sportsbook. When playing for real money, ways to deposit and receive payouts are very important as well.

How To Get Started: Picking The Right NFL Betting Site + Signing Up

The process for getting started with legal wagering on NFL games will first be to select and join a sportsbook that you want to go with. The sportsbook should be compatible with the types of lines you are looking to wager on, but also as important the types of funding and paying out methods that work for you as well.

Upon the creation of your new sportsbook account, the next step will be to deposit. This method will vary depending on the sportsbook. Some will have certain methods while others will have their own as well. Expect to see credit cards, money orders, cashier's checks, wire transfers, bank wires, and more.

The same can be said for payout as well when it comes time for that. The payout process starts with a withdrawal request, for which it takes a day to be approved. Selecting the payout type will be important, keeping in mind about the minimum and maximum amounts, as well as potential fees.

Other Sports You Can Legally Wager On:

The NFL is simply one league where legal betting is focused, and even though it's the most popular, you have plenty of other options available. There are many other leagues and sports that offering betting opportunities throughout our sports section here at We know that the National Football League is fun, but with only roughly 5 months to do so, you might want to explore other options on our site, or whatever legal NFL betting site you are going to use for making your wagers.

Legal Betting Sites
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