States With Legal Sports Betting

Sports betting in the United States can be done two different ways. The availability and the accessibility of these two ways differ greatly however. This is because of the laws set in place at the Federal level, which establish the parameters of what exactly can be done. The two aspects of sports betting in the U.S. can be broken down between land-based and online. Land-based sports betting is essentially just like it sounds - the ability to walk into a sportsbook set on land and lay down a wager. Online sports betting is essentially gaining access to bookmakers on the Internet and placing wagers for real-money.

In terms of land-based sports betting, there are just two states in the U.S. where it can be done legally. Nevada and Delaware are the two states, but even within these two states, there is wide variance in what can be done. In Nevada, there is really nothing that is off limits, as bettors are able to place a variety of wagers on many sports. The opposite is true in Delaware, as there are actually no straight bets allowed, only parlays. Furthermore, there are just three legal sportsbooks in Nevada.

Is It Legal To Bet Sports Online In Certain U.S. States?

The answer to this question requires further explanation than a simple yes. While it is legal for American bettors to place a wager online, it can only be done at certain types of sites. Most importantly, these online sportsbooks cannot operate in the United States. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act prohibits this. But with that being said, sportsbooks that are located outside of the United States can be legally accessed and wagered on, because making a sports bet online is not illegal.

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Where Can I Legally Wager Online?

In just about every state, sports bettors who meet the legal gambling age will have access to many different online sportsbooks. Will these sports betting sites operate in their state? No. But it is likely that their state will be accepted and welcomed to sign up for an account with them. Throughout our site, we've got pages dedicated to your specific state you live in, for accurate information about where exactly you will be able to be sports legally online.

More About Legal Online Sports Betting

Within the individual state pages for legal sports betting, readers will be able to find a number of key points of emphasis to pay attention to. The methods in which state residents can play for real money on site are addressed, as well as federal and state laws that can come into play.

Issue #1: Depositing Into + Getting Money Out Of Legal Betting Sites

Playing for real money at a sports betting site will require bettors to make a deposit into an account to then make a wager. Outside of that, when the time comes to receive a payout the withdrawal methods are equally as important. In terms of which states are allowed and not accepted at a particular sports betting site could largely relate to deposit options. In fact, there are several specific American friendly sportsbooks that do limit some states from participating, or take away some methods of deposit to still accept them.

For the most part, states are not affected by this, as there are just a handful that come into play which is specific across the board. This can have to do with state laws in the area, as well as what we described with respect to the deposit options.

Issue #2: Federal + State Sports Betting Laws

When it comes to betting on sports, both at land-based and online sportsbooks, state laws can play a big role. There can be many state laws relating to sports betting in an area, though the most notable one across the board will be the legal age to bet. However, local statutes and legislation can be written to further curtail the ability for bettors in that state to wager on sports. Specific information regarding your state will be seen on our individual state pages located on site.

In general, states will defer to the Federal laws that are in place governing sports betting in the country. Such laws like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the Federal Wire Act, and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act are the big three federal laws in this case. They cover both online sports betting and land-based. Specific information on what exactly each law says and does is also available, and should you be interested further we invite you to consult our federal laws page in particular.

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