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When I originally started looking for a truly trustworthy and established legal betting site, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Bovada is the first site I investigated and it will be my last, they have everything, and I mean everything! Doing a Bovada review is my way of expressing my true personal feelings about this legal betting site, and all that it has given me. Bovada has something for everyone, and they take care of their sports fans, poker players, casino enthusiasts, etc.

Let’s just quickly go through some of some of the things that this great legal betting site has to offer, and then we can get into more detail a little later on in the review. If you’re an avid sports fan you will love Bovada’s sportsbook section, this section serves the whole nation, covers over 20 different sports i.e. football, soccer, MMA, etc., and has bonuses just for sports players. If You like to play a little bit of cards, then look no further, the online poker that is available at Bovada is the only place where the real action is. Experienced or completely new to poker, the digital felt is always full of card players. For a classy professional experience, there is no one else but Bovada.

Is Bovada A legal Betting Site For U.S. Players?

Of course, Bovada is a completely legal betting site. Other sites and forums like to spread misinformation about online betting sites. I’m here to tell you that these people are flat out wrong. Let me put your reservations at rest and get you the most accurate and easily understood explanation on the legality of online betting sites. In my Bovada review, I want to go over every detail, so there are a few laws that I would like to focus on and tell you about.

UIGEA - The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 1996, which is commonly referred to as the UIGEA regulates how a site can pay its members their winnings. How can you get your winnings, if this law is in the way? Let me explain. The law only prohibits paying money directly onto a credit card, that’s it. Bovada has found other ways to pay its members their dues, that are just as fast, secure, and hassle free as with the use of a credit card. The alternatives are as follows; cash wire transfers, checks mailed directly to you, and much more that I will go over later.

Wire Act - The Federal Wire Act of 1961 is obviously an old and out of date law that was originally to keep criminals and gangster bookies out of wagering. The law has been dressed up and dressed down over the years, but now it only affects sports betting in the United States. The Wire Act prevents betting site from transferring information between states, so if a site were to open up in say Nevada, only residents in Nevada could participate on the site. This is not relevant to Bovada, because Bovada is located outside the United States and is based in Quebec, Canada.

Is Bovada Safe For Legal Betting?

At first, I was worried about how safe legal betting sites might be, and I wanted to look at every aspect of the site to make sure that any information I gave them would be protected from unauthorized persons or hackers, especially if my hard-earned money was going to be involved. As the leading legal betting site on the planet, oh yeah they are well protected. Bovada has latest in firewall and encryption technology and a team of technicians on call 24 hours a day ready to tackle any technical issues or security breaches. Bovada has been around for over two decades; honestly, if they weren’t to be trusted they wouldn’t have been around for this long. There are numerous accolades and certificates to acknowledge Bovada for its protection of member’s personal information and ability to maintain customer satisfaction.

Can USA Players Join Bovada Legally?

In order to play for real money, Bovada asks that players be 18 years of age or older. As a precaution, if I were you I would check with my states betting age regulations, as some states only require a player to be 18 while others require a player to be 21. As long as you are 18 it is legal to you use online betting sites. Bovada accepts members from every state accept for New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, and Maryland. This is because each of these states either has some form of online betting already, or they have strange laws.

What Makes Bovada The Best Legal Betting Site?

There are literally countless reasons that this legal online betting site is the best. Right now though, I would like to explain in this Bovada review the mass quantity of especially noteworthy bonuses, outstanding offers, and remarkable features that are limited to this site alone. I know that I first wanted to know about Bovada’s payment and payout options, apparently they have the largest assortment you can use to put funds into your account and to cash in your online betting prizes. Bonuses and special offers make having an account with Bovada very lucrative while also decreasing costs to its members. Bovada is one of the most acclaimed legal online sportsbooks you can find searching the internet. They also have a challenging and engaging poker section, and a casino with hundreds of games to choose from.

Deposit Methods Available At Bovada

Once signed up with Bovada’s legal online betting site, you will need to deposit funds into your account. When you put funding into your account you are buying chips like if you were in a real-life casino, only these are your virtual chips that you will be using to: place bets, play poker, or in the casino. Bovada makes it super-easy and fast to do this, because they have a broad selection of funding choices. The way I put money into my account is through my visa credit card. Credit cards are the most popular choice among members of Bovada. To use your credit card just enter in your cards information and then put in the amount you wish to transfer. Your transfer should appear immediately into your account. Sometimes though, credit cards will be denied because of restrictions from some credit card companies for online purchases on gaming sites. If this happens, you can also use a gift card as long as the fine print on the back of your card says that you can make international purchases. Credit cards have a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $1000. There are meager fees involved with using a credit card 4.9% and gift cards 4.7% but these fees only apply once per transaction.

Other ways to pay include: wire transfer i.e. MoneyGram/Western Union, and cashier’s checks. For more ways to make a deposit look at the Bovada cashier. Each payment method has its own separate fees, speeds, and limits. So, look over all the payment options carefully on the Bovada site to find this information.

Withdrawal Methods Offered At Bovada After I Win

Now to the juiciest part, how do you get the cash from your winnings? Bovada legal online betting site has almost as many payout options as it does payment options. However, because of the UIGEA or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act Bovada cannot legally payout to you directly to your credit card. So, in response to this Bovada has made the biggest list it can of other way to get you your earnings. Checks and wire transfers are the most popular ways to cash out your winnings. With all rapid or wire transfers Bovada will email you a confirmation, once that is done you will proceed to your nearest wire transfer location (Western Union/MoneyGram) and fill out a simple form before they give you your earnings. To get a check by courier go to Bovada’s cashier’s page and request a payment. Payouts made with wire transfers have a minimum of $300 and a maximum of $5000. Payouts made with checks have a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $3000. Checks by courier are free once per month but during the rest of the month payout fee is $50 per additional payout.

What Promotions And Bonuses Does Bovada Have

In this Bovada review, I’ve been waiting to tell you about the fantastic bonuses that they offer. They have welcome bonuses for each gaming and betting section of this site, something that all those other ratty and cheap sites don’t have. They even offer a way to get paid for just spreading the word about Bovada, with its refer a friend bonus. This referral bonus has been doubled and now you can get up to 200% of your friend’s first deposit of up to $100. You can refer as many friends as you would like and flush your bankroll with this unlimited bonus.

Legal Sports Betting Bonuses At Bovada

Bovada’s legal online sportsbook has over 20 different sports to place wagers. The sportsbook page is user-friendly and easily navigated. Clear games/events, times/dates, odds are all labeled for each sports category. Bovada also has an exclusive $250 sports welcome bonus for all new members when they sign up and make their first deposit. The sports welcome bonus is only available to use in the sports, horses, and casino sections for wagering. Bovada’s legal online betting sportsbook is also available on your mobile phone or device, is completely free and no download is required to use this app. Live in-game betting is also a fun interactive way to place bets at any point in the game.

Casino Games And Bonuses Offered At Bovada

No competitors have the amount of casino games offered at Bovada the top legal online betting site. Over 200 games to choose from like zombies vs. cheerleaders, you are sure to have a blast playing that. Bovada’s game selection has the following categories: Slots, Blackjack games, Table games, video poker, and specialty games. Bovada also has a $3,000 Casino welcome bonus which will make you a high-roller right from the jump. There are other bonuses geared towards slots, blackjack and other games that are good for just those games. These bonuses offer players who are interested in just a single game to get the most out of their deposit.

Join Bovada Now!

I don’t know what else I can possibly say about the overwhelming reasons that you should check out this amazing legal betting site. This Bovada review has covered how you can pay/cash out, what types of bonuses and perks that Bovada gives to its new and loyal members, it’s a sportsbook for real sports fanatics, a poker site for players that like real action, and a fun and exciting virtual casino that you will want to play for hours upon hours. I’ve also covered how this legal betting site is safe.

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